How to Manifest What You Desire in 2020

How To Manifest What You Desire In 2020 blog
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How to Manifest What You Desire in 2020

A new year. A new decade. A fresh start.

Wow! When I say “2020”, I think to myself… that just sounds so sci-fi!

Seems like yesterday that we began a new millennium…remember the excitement when we rolled into the year 2000?

Where did twenty years go?

That begs a question that when time flies seemingly faster as we get older, don’t we want to slow it down just a little bit? I know I do. I want to drink in the special moments more and more; knowing that it is all temporary and fleeting. We indeed want to make the most of our precious life, and I don’t know about you, but I need to be reminded of this daily.

On another note and with a bit of confusion why this didn’t easily come to me easily…

I’ve been pondering and reflecting as I always do this time of year, what do I wish to manifest in the months to come? How do I want to live, and how do I want to serve?

I think of bringing in the new year by choosing a word—a representative symbol that carries with it an energy for the year ahead. This year, however, I cannot choose just one: there isn’t one for a year this big—a new and extremely significant decade. I’ve toggled between three words that carry the energy I want to bring forward this year:

  1. Expansion
  2. Vibrancy
  3. Clarity

Expansion in my reach and my ability to serve.
Vibrancy in my health and the light that I shine for others.
Clarity of intention, mind, and action.

As you know, I’m an author entrepreneur who absolutely loves what I do. There’s something so magical that happens when your work becomes play and everyone you serve and work with becomes a playmate.

I’ve found one my sweet spots is in leading retreats and inspiring others to live their most vibrant lives as they rediscover who they are and foster a new dream. Many women have gone through my What Now? program and retreats and have embarked on their next chapter finding their life’s work. It has been such an honor to be the guide to so many women in and out of grief, change and transition to recover and rediscover who they are now. And now, along with an amazing business partner Debra Evans, we are helping people birth their books into the world (at This newer endeavor continues to grow—and it is such a joy to help others bring their brilliant ideas to life and build a platform to launch from.

Living vibrantly with clarity and happiness are what I speak to in my blog Living The Big Stuff and Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff podcast. I love to explore topics that are relevant to living life with greatness, ease and grace. (That’s what you get when you stop sweating the small stuff and you live the big stuff!)

I’m always wishing to be intentional with a clear mind in all that I do. It is clarity that allows me to keep life in perspective. Clarity happens when we can allow all the noise and chatter going on in our heads to fall away like a fog lifting to reveal sunshine and blue skies.

Have you noticed that clarity happens in the car, in the shower, on a walk? It is that moment that is an opening to small glimpses of wisdom that is like light shining through a crack in the drapes of a dark room. Clarity can shine light on some areas that have been dormant or stagnant igniting a flame of excitement or inspiration. It’s always that “ah ha!” moment that happens on a deep exhale—and is like capturing an image in a photo that you never wish to forget.

Clarity of mind makes the heart sing as all of life slows magically down to that one single moment that can change everything.

Clarity is also at the core of mindful living—being clear in what you are thinking and feeling–to what is present. Seeing things clearly also brings with it right action. When you are clear, your choices are remarkably better for yourself and others. Problems disappear and solutions are accessible. You can see the fork in the road and choose how you wish to respond vs. react to any circumstance.

Yes, in 2020 I wish to expand my reach and grow in my business, and live more vibrantly with tremendous clarity—helping others do the same.

As you consider the energy you’d like to bring forward, please share your word below and why you chose it for 2020!

Wishing you the best year yet—and clear and perfect vision as you live your most vibrant life.

Treasure the gifts of life and love,