How to Stay Positive in a Positively Unsettling World

How To Stay Positive in a Positively Unsettling World blog
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How to Stay Positive in a Positively Unsettling World

It seems every week now there is a mass tragedy occurring some place. Whether it’s mother nature doing her thing or a loose gunman terrorizing a public venue, when I turn on the news, I feel like we are under siege.

Let’s not forget there are two world leaders acting like children behaving badly on the playground—it’s terrifying to note as they exchange twitter rhetoric that each has a finger on nuclear weapons. I just know my grandkids will look back on this time and will have questions.

The main one: How did this happen?

I’d say it takes a monumental force within us to stay grounded in the positive in the face of all of this—we are mired in negativity, so we all need to amp up the LOVE on the planet right now.

The solution: Be the change you wish to see. Stay present to the conversation and ask, “How can I be a messenger of love today?”

When you start to feel the tension rise within you, take a moment. Inhale love. . . Exhale fear at least ten times consecutively. This simple act will center you, keeping you grounded. You will come to a feeling of peace where you realize you must be the eye of the storm.

Then ask, “What can I do that spreads love?”

It all begins with you. Start your day in love and gratitude. Wake up to what there is to be grateful for even if it’s simply saying, “I am grateful I get another day on this beautiful planet.”

This day holds the key. You are here in this body in this moment. Relish it and continue to ask yourself to hold the space of love in all you do.

What is the most loving act you can do right now?

Be the change you wish to see…that’s worth repeating! That’s how you live your most vibrant life.