In a World of Hurt

in a world of hurt we must amplify love
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In a World of Hurt

In a world of hurt, we must amplify love.

The recent shooting in Orlando, one of 135 violent mass shootings already this year in the United States, reveals that we are in lofty times and vulnerable to terrorism and hate crimes.

I almost watched a video of a survivor who was in the Orlando nightclub during the shooting, but I stopped myself.

I knew if I watched it would be giving way to fear and that would be giving into feeding more terror and violence.

I already know in my heart, as you also do, the horror of what those souls endured in their last moments, and what the survivors witnessed.

Why replay it over and over again–living in the trauma our own worst nightmare? The one where we can remind ourselves that it didn’t happen to us.

And, in their last moments, just like the victims of 911, I guarantee most of those killed weren’t sweating the small stuff. They were thinking about the people they hold most dear and would not see again in this lifetime.

Instead of focusing on the terror, I am called to send love to those families who are now suffering immeasurable loss.

Instead of being complacent, I ask:

What can we do as a collective that would be the most loving war against these kind of violent crimes where a gunman can attack a night club or any public place filled with innocent people?

Is the answer gun control?

Yes, of course—and no, of course not.

My logical mind says there should be some more in-depth licensing procedure that includes psychological profiling and interviewing where guns can only be licensed and purchased through a government secured distribution that allows the owners to be easily tracked.

The deeper answer is to infuse love into a world of hate by aligning our thoughts and actions and words with love and not terror– not focusing too much on the aftermath as it’s broadcasted all over the media and social media and giving way to more fear and even rage.

And, the deeper way, yet, is to love through forgiveness.

Forgiveness toward the perpetrators of violence instead of loathing and blame. Infuse those pitiful souls with love by seeing them as the young innocent children they once were before their minds became contaminated with hostility and hatred.

Love is indeed the answer if you want to remain a vibrant light in a world of hurt.

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