Is Your Snowball Thinking Stopping You?

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Is Your Snowball Thinking Stopping You?

Recently, I was playing in the snow. I grabbed a clump of snow in my mittens and made it into a ball. I began to roll it round and round until it was big enough to be the base of a snowman. The more I rolled it, the more form and weight it took on.

Our thinking can begin the same way and build like a snowball.

When it’s positive, snowball thinking can be a good thing, but when it’s negative, snowball thinking is exactly what you want to stop as soon as you realize that you are doing it and it is stopping you from living vibrantly.

As thinking beings, we have somewhere around sixty to eighty thousand thoughts a day, and for most of us, over half of those thoughts are negative. And, 80% of all of our thoughts are repetitive. It’s no wonder that we feel stuck sometimes, right? We are stuck as our minds roll out the same patterns of thinking over and over.

I was working with a client the other day and one of her negative snowball thinking patterns became clear in our conversation. Pointing this out to her, I asked her how often these negative thoughts come up for her. She realized that the same thoughts happen whenever she is ready to embark on something new.

You can label this pattern what you like, but what’s needed is to understand that your brain has been wired with a negative snowball thinking thought pattern. The only way to stop growing the snowball is to catch yourself in the act and choose to stop. That’s right. You have the ability to exercise and flex your inner discipline the same way you set the intention for anything you desire.

Here are three simple steps to become aware of and stop negative snowball thinking:

  • NOTICE you are doing it.
  • Become curious about your thinking and the negative thought pattern.
  • SHIFT into a positive dialogue with yourself by simply saying silently or out loud: “There I go again. Really? I can stop now.” Or, “Cancel that.”

You wouldn’t stand at a door and knowingly bang your head into the door, right?

This process of shifting your snowball thinking will become easier and automatic to you in no time. It may feel like more effort, initially, but eventually, with a deeper understanding of the process, negative snowball thinking stops as soon as you realize that you are doing it. (You won’t bang your head with it either.) It’s that easy.

You won’t continue the same negative snowball thought pattern when you see that it’s a major hindrance sabotaging your efforts to move forward on a project or a dream or a creative solution to a perceived problem.

The way to move forward on our dreams and live our most vibrant lives is to shift out of our negative snowball thinking patterns—allowing the space for creativity to emerge and more positive thought patterns to take form.

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