It’s all Divine: Life Happens for Us

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It’s all Divine: Life Happens for Us

It’s all divinely planned and given—not always in the pretty package.

Byron Katie says, “Life doesn’t happen to us; life happens for us.”

If we’re honest, much of our lives have been planned by our egos– egos that react from the fear of survival and the need to build an identity.

The inquiry in our twenties may have been something along these questions:

  1. What can I do that will make me the most money, pay the rent, satisfy my parents?
  2. Who can I marry that will be my best partner in building a life and raising a family?

We embark on a career path, partner up, raise a family—and for many of us, it all falls apart in a heart-breaking, personal way when we hit mid-life.

Life changes and it can change fast!

You know my story of loss—and whether we go through loss from death or divorce or illness or career change—it leaves us in the same vulnerable place.

At this stage of ego annihilation it becomes more difficult to hold strong to Byron Katie’s words—“life is happening for us” and to say that the divine plan is in action—yet it is.

The gift is that now you can rebuild your life and awaken to a truly vibrant one—the most vibrant and alive experience yet.

You can begin a new inquiry where instead of building life based on ego-driven questions, you can ask the questions from your true nature and self:

  1. Who am I now and what do I value most?
  2. How can I serve?
  3. What makes my heart sing with joy?
  4. What inspires the most passion in me now?

As you lean into the fears that your ego presents at the answers to these questions, you will move forward into your most authentic expression and the essence of who you are will come forth—as you remember why you came to this earth.

And, you will see the gift in the words of Byron Katie: “Life happens for us.”

Your life is divinely guided and orchestrated as long as you move forward and have the courage to ask: “What now?”

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