It’s Your Time Now, Change is Possible

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It’s Your Time Now, Change is Possible

When change knocks at your door, it whispers; “it’s your time now.” As you answer the call to change, a choice lies before you on the threshold. Will you choose transformation? Or will you remain idle; immobile… unchanged? And, you must decide whether you will become better — or will you become bitter.

You Can Choose How You Move Forward

Only you can make these choices for yourself.

When we prescribe to the philosophy that life happens for us and not to us, we accept that our empowerment lies in our ability to consciously determine how we respond to life’s circumstances.

I recently received the tragic news that one of my beloved best friends (and a true soul sister) has been diagnosed with stage four cancer.

She is one of those special, sparkling women; and I’m sure if you could only meet her too, that you would agree.

As she faces the fight for her life, she does so the same way she has approached everything else – with grace and humility. Strength and softness.

When she awakes in the night, she feels scared. As fear creeps upon her of what might not be, she focuses instead on all she is grateful for. It is her devotion to her gratitude practice that allays her fears, offering her a stable perch like a dove on a ledge.

Every day is a victory when you have stage four cancer. Every day is a gift.

What We Take For Granted in Mid-Life

In mid-life we often take for granted that have more time left; we assume will live until our eighties and nineties. Unfortunately, this may not always be true.

When you have your health; it’s your time to do what brings you joy and feels fulfilling to you.

You’ve lived a lot of life, but there’s so much more in store for you. There’s so much more for you to give of your heart and soul!

Maybe you are feeling an inkling of this—I know there was a time when I did. I know It’s a bit unsettling because these feelings are meant to awaken you to what’s true for you. Those feelings of discomfort are a call to action to live better and to inquire what your soul is longing for.

How will you show up for what’s next? Embrace change!

We’ve all been sheltering in place for over a year now, which has provided a different experience for everyone. But one thing for sure, is that we are ready to begin this new chapter together—finding our way to a new normal. Turning towards connecting again in community.

Since it’s easy now to get Covid tested, I’ve scheduled two retreats—one this fall and one in the winter. The doors are open now. You can walk through change and I will be on the other side to guide you.

It’s your time now!

If you are feeling called to connect safely, you can check out my retreats HERE.

Let’s gather and choose what’s next as we transform into the best version of ourselves.

Treasure the gifts of life and love,


PS—if you are feeling fear, please use this guided imagery meditation to help you see yourself on the other side of change.