Letting Go Isn’t Easy

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Letting Go Isn’t Easy

Letting go isn’t easy, but life gets easier as I let go.

Holding on too tightly to anything causes pain and suffering.

Attachment is in our nature when it comes to being attached to people we love. It’s a natural and healthy thing to bond with our Mother and Father from birth.

Even with my best laid plans, attachment to things and outcomes is not what I consider healthy. In fact, I think it is the one mental dynamic that causes me the most suffering.

What do I need to let go of in order to feel the maximum amount of joy?

Something I’m struggling with a the moment is losing ten pounds. I lose five and gain five back. I never thought I would be on this yo-yo. I didn’t believe that my metabolism would ever slow down. I exercise every day and I do my 10,000 Fit Bit steps too! I live a healthy lifestyle.

This is where attachment comes into play. I don’t want my body to change. I like being slimmer, and I like my wardrobe, too! I’m unaccustomed to this curvy body I now inhabit that has a little bit more cushion. But, change is happening and I’m in the age of “the change” that is inevitable—no matter what natural hormones I rub on my arms at night and vitamins I ingest. It’s happening and my body is adjusting and doing it’s thing.

I’ve been cleansing and removing what is toxic. I’m eating extremely healthy—cut out my evening wine and all sugar, grains, gluten and dairy. (I eat a bit of sugar free chocolate when I’m craving something sweet.) I’ve been doing this for three weeks—I’ve lost two pounds. Rather than be discouraged and engage in a mental dialogue that is destructive, however, I remind myself that developing a mindset of optimal health and well-being is what I’m most aligned with. My actions are all about clean eating and a heart healthy regime.

My big let-go is allowing my body to be its healthy weight and not the predetermined size control weight I’ve always imposed on myself. Yes, it’s time to get off the scale!

I’m letting go of the expectation that I should always try to be thinner. (Which, for me, has been a lifetime challenge!)

It’s true that letting go isn’t easy, but life gets easier as I let go.

As I prioritize a healthy mindset and let go of my fear of “the change,” I am awake in a body that allows me to enjoy my most vibrant life now.

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