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Life Lessons for Gabrielle

I receive many lovely gifts, letters and requests from our readers. It has always been one of the joys of serving—to receive feedback that the hours of tapping away observation and wisdom make a difference in your life.

One such letter recently came in from a father with a very special request for his daughter, Gabrielle.

In preparation for her sixteenth birthday, (still four years away– now, that’s good planning!) he is reaching out to the authors and thought leaders who inspire him to collect their thoughts on this question:

What is the best lesson you have learned in life?

As I pondered this question to give Gabrielle my answer, I realized the difficulty in narrowing it down to one life lesson. There are a myriad of profound teachings that I would look back and tell my younger self.

Here is what I will share with Gabrielle and her father (and, you!):

My greatest life lessons for Gabrielle:

It is tempting to think that we can control the events of our lives.

What we can control is how we interpret life’s events, and our ultimate choice to be happy no matter what life throws our way. Maybe you’ve noticed already, that we seemingly have little control over the outcome of even of our best efforts sometimes. And, often events bloom in ways we wouldn’t wish to control because they are larger than our imagination. There is a plan in place for your life, Gabrielle. It’s bigger than what you can possibly know although your heart will call you to it–time and time again in small whispers and in louder crashings. There’s something you came here to do, and it may take some time to remember–but not if you make it your intention to be clear minded and peace filled.

I’ve been most surprised that, sometimes, plans are limiting because the universe is unlimited and offers you a myriad of possibilities.

You are born with a unique purpose and life presents you with a book of possibilities. It’s even like a coloring book. You get to choose the colors, whether or not you stay in those lines, and how much you fill the book (which of course represents your life story).

While it’s good to have a dream and vision, it’s more important to be flexible within that vision; you must become malleable like clay as you proceed forward in any career, relationship or dream.

Be open to the greater wisdom and plan of the universe, and become the instrument of that genius and creativity that perfectly flows through you. As you follow the divine spark that comes through those heart whispers, she will bring you great purpose and meaning as she plays you with love.

My prayer has always been: Divine love; play me as an instrument in your finely tuned orchestra of life.

Navigating your path is easy and graceful if you do it by divine invitation from your spirit.

Here’s the other thing I’ve learned: When you have your lows in life, always keep moving. Bow down in sweet surrender and turn your face to the sun as you get up from your falls and wipe away your tears. Trust that it will all be okay. Know that there’s meaning in your suffering–there’s something to learn.

Get back up, feel the wind at your back, and allow the divine to lead you to the path of your bliss. (Hint: follow your passion.)

Go ahead and make your plans as we all do—do your very best and let go of the rest.

Lastly, let your intentions come from your heart and be known—especially for you. Make them big intentions like: I intend to be a kind person of integrity. I intend to serve in all ways that I am able. I intend to live passionately. I intend to live happily. I intend to have healthy relationships. I intend to do my best. I intend to forgive easily.

As you live by these heart intentions, you will become the tuning fork that sends the signal to the universe that you are ready to fulfill your destiny. These intentions will be your touchstone in life as they become the path that directs you when the fog rolls in, and you can’t easily see what turn to make.

And, low and behold, as you listen and learn, life becomes a miracle unfolding.

You will be living your most vibrant life.

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