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This morning I woke up to the most vibrant sunrise. Pinks and oranges amidst lavender filled the early morning sky—and I thought to myself: That’s what living vibrantly looks and feels like: A breathtaking sunrise bursting in beauty to light up the morning—to light up LIFE.

As I watched the sunrise, it reminded me of simple ways to make sure I am living my most vibrant life. And I wanted to share them with you:

16 Essential Ways to Live Your Most Vibrant Life

  • Eat Whole and Healthy: eat plenty of raw vegetables and greens every day and choose organic as much as possible.
  • Stop Using plastic: the toxins that leak into your beverage and food from plastic is enough to cause havoc with your hormones over time. Don’t ever heat food in plastic—use glass dishes instead.
  • Keep Moving: Do some form of exercise once or twice a day. One form should be stretching and another more dynamic and weight bearing and another aerobic session for at least thirty minutes a day.
  • Gratitude Practice: How you start your day is crucial…Journal or speak out loud those things you are grateful for from first thing in the morning as you open your eyes.
  • Drink Water: One of the simplest remedies for boosting your vitality, aiding your digestion and living vibrantly.
  • Eat Fat: Dr. Mark Hyman’s new book: Eat Fat, Be Thin shows us how the low fat era has damaged us. Some of the good fats: avocado, eggs, lean protein, nuts and seeds, coconut oil, almond butter.
  • Meditate: It’s not about the amount of time you do it, but just do it! There are so many options now. Deepak Chopra does a twenty one day course with Oprah. I recommend TM for anyone who is having health problems or struggling with anxiety disorders.
  • Yoga is Essential: Or, a good stretching regime. You are as healthy as your spine…and as young. If you aren’t flexible, stretch more.
  • NATURE is NURTURE: spend some time in nature every day noticing the beauty that surrounds you. Even looking up at the sky if that’s all you have.
  • Expression for Your SOUL: No need to starve your artistic nature or the writer in you or the musician. Find your time to express yourself through dance, art, voice or any means possible that you can share your wisdom.
  • Find your Tribe and community and participate: No need to be isolated in life. We are at our best when we spend time in community.
  • Change Things Up: Add something new! Your brain is craving the dopamine boost of something new! I took up Zumba last year and am loving it—and I am not a dancer! I also attend Ecstatic dance when I’m in town.
  • Find Your SEVA: Seva is service work. It is selfless acts that serve others. You will feel more fulfilled as you give freely than giving with an expectation attached.
  • Live Your List: What’s on your bucket list? Make one and cross at least one thing off every six months. I just went on a trip to Costa Rica this April and it’s all about bucket lists and stretching out of your comfort zone. Go for it!
  • FEEL: Laugh at everything! Cry. Cry at everything.
  • FORGIVE: let go of your anger, let go of your hurt, let go of your shame, Be in the miracle of love through the greatest act of letting go through forgiveness.

These are some of the things, among many, that are my intentional practices every day. I would love to hear about your acts of Self Care that help you live vibrantly too. Please do share!

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