One Law of Attraction is All About Intention!

Woman to Woman

One Law of Attraction is All About Intention!

desiresIt’s no secret that in order to attract what we want we must first show an opening and be able to clearly define and ask for what we want. It’s all about “intention.” This phase of widow-hood is new and can hold a lot of deep fear and even some survivor’s guilt on the unconscious plane. Somehow, by asking for what we want now, the greatest fear may be that we will be letting go of what we had, placing it in the memory bank of a past life. This has been a big one for me. That’s raw truth. And, if what we had was really wonderful, that’s hard to hope for again. And, if we have it again, we might lose it again. The thought of that is truly unbearable. The risks are high to love again so intently, but the stakes if we don’t prepare ourselves to love again, are even higher.

I met a woman who is a therapist who lost three husbands. I asked her how she endured that kind of loss after loss. She said that each time, the grief was there, but she understood the process of healing. It’s like giving birth; it doesn’t feel the same each time. She said that she’s so grateful for knowing these three incredible loves that she would do it all over again because love is worth it. Love transcends loss. We are made to be in relationship. While there are not do-overs, there is a do again.

As you ask the question, “What do I want now from a relationship?” Be clear about your deepest desires so that you can set your intention and when it shows up, you will recognize the man by your own definition.

You may need to prepare yourself to be ready for him. Self care as preservation is probably the best form of preparation. Take care of your mind, body and spirit. Is your home welcoming to a new man or is it a shrine to the life you once had? Are you prepared for a romantic relationship and to get naked with a man again? Naked in all respects. Are you vulnerable and open to receive love? Are you in the mood for romance? (Have you purchased new underwear, lately? And, I mean…the sexy kind.)

I really wanted to deepen the offering of this article for you, so I had a conversation with an acquaintance, Lara Fernandez, who works along side her husband and soul mate man, Johnny. They help single conscious women who are wanting to intentionally create their next best relationship through their Life Launch Training: We discussed the three main principles that Lara and Johnny Fernandez teach women to help them believe in relationship again. Lara shared these principles with me for this article that will help you set the intention to step forward:

  1. The first principle is that we live in a benevolent universe: we are truly loved by a higher power. Einstein said, “The most important decision you’ll ever make is when you decide whether you live in a friendly or hostile universe.” Make the decision that you are in a friendly universe…you might have to fake it in order to make it after the death of your spouse but that will help you until you get there.
  2. Soul mate love is your birth right…just because you exist. And, we have potentially many soul mates of different kinds. However, that doesn’t make it your destiny. Your destiny is determined by the actions you take on a consistent basis.
  3. The third principle, which impacts us greatly, is that “there is a shift of consciousness from a patriarchal mindset on relationships from ‘might is right’ to a more feminine approach to relationship. The old mindset of manipulation doesn’t work any longer. Love is the bottom line in relationship now. There is no longer suppression for women; there’s never been a better time to consciously and intentionally attract soul mate number two.”

hand written letter imagePrepare and make room in your psyche, your home, and your body for love and make a wish list of all the characteristics this new person possesses. Define and be clear about what you really want and open your heart for love. It may take some time, but don’t at all be surprised when you open the door and there he is. Much love to you, sister.

~ Kristine Carlson