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Questions, PLEASE!

The other day as I walked into my Zumba class, a woman walked up to me, and I was honored when she said, “Kris, whenever I have a question, I think to myself, ask Kris.” In that moment, I realized that I would love it if more of you wrote into me with questions that could direct the content of my blogs and podcasts.

So, I’m going to respond to the question that was asked of me in Zumba that day…

Question: “I know people say, age gracefully and gratefully, but that doesn’t always help me as I look in the mirror and I can see I’m getting older. What can I really do?”

Answer: Surrendering to aging is not something you have to do. Fighting aging isn’t the answer either. But being the best version of yourself is—realizing optimal health as the focal point and having supreme self care practices are really the ticket to feeling great as we age as women. It’s also important to consult with your physician about bioidentical hormones and eating nutritiously.

Meditating frequently is also key. The aging benefits of meditation are now scientifically proven. Meditation helps calm your nervous system and gets your brain out of fight or flight “stress hormone” mode and into a mindful and peaceful place of calm grounded in your body. For more on this, please listen to this past podcast with Bob Roth on the great scientifically proven benefits of TM (Transcendental Meditation).

I also always say that having a good cry and tuning into your feelings is a youth elixir, too.

And make sure you are taking time for yourself, relaxing, and viewing SLEEP as vital to aging well.

And, there’s water. Drink plenty of it to hydrate.

And, for everything else–take your glasses off and don’t look too closely at what gravity is pulling on. There’s a point for all of us where we must accept what we cannot change—but it’s ok to grieve what changes too.

When you are taking care of yourself and you know it, it’s easier to let go of how you looked when you were younger because you are feeling so much energy and joy from this time in your life. If you are feeling anxious, in general, chances are, your anxiety is aging you. You might just need to slow down and realize that something small needs to shift so that you can show up in your life with greater calm and ease. Or, maybe you are not accessing your inner joy? Simply recognize that there’s something that’s out of harmony, and once restored, you will be on your way to looking in the mirror with appreciation, and you might say, “Wow, look at you. You are shining. You are living vibrantly! You look and feel great today.”

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