Shifting your “shit story”

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Shifting your “shit story”

This past December, I joined transformational leaders Rich and Yvonne Dutra St John and Justin Hilton for their workshop: Why Have You Come to this Earth? And I was fascinated by their definition of shifting . . .

One of the segments was titled, “Understanding Your ‘Shit Story.’” The premise is that it’s often the stories we tell ourselves about ourselves that matter most. If the story you are telling yourself is a constant running tap of negativity then that story is permeates your thoughts, moods and feelings with negativity. Your reality becomes fogged up like a windshield without defrost and it can be difficult to progress in our lives with this kind of negativity clouding our judgment and actions.

This struck a chord with me because it closely relates to a particularly relevant piece of Don’t Sweat wisdom.

Over the years, I have really taken heart something Richard said, “The circumstances of your life don’t make or break you, but rather they reveal who you are.”

What this really means is that your life experience is shaped by the thoughts you have about that experience—not necessarily the circumstances. The truth of this is evident in how we react or respond to situations. Two people may face a similar event but respond very differently—depending upon the lens and filter system of their thoughts and beliefs and the stories they tell themselves about those circumstances.

Isn’t it empowering to know that you can choose how you respond? Research shows that we do, indeed, choose our happiness. At the fork in the road, you can change your shit story into a shift story—through awareness and a more light hearted mental dynamic.

Once you are aware of the principle of “thought” that we talk about widely in our Don’t Sweat wisdom, you realize it’s not the experience that’s bringing you down, it’s your thoughts about the experience. Allow your thoughts to come and go without over engaging in the negative ones and you will feel more buoyant.

Please enjoy the funny story I share in this video—a literal shit story that shows how I really don’t sweat the small stuff to live the big stuff.

You, too, can laugh at the shit that you find your feet in sometimes—carry on and live your most vibrant life.

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