Simple Lifestyle Changes That Could Benefit Your Health

Simple Lifestyle Changes That Could Benefit Your Health Blog

Simple Lifestyle Changes That Could Benefit Your Health

Simple Lifestyle Changes That Could Benefit Your Health

Many people think it takes too much work to maintain healthy habits. So, they give up trying to live a healthy lifestyle. To continue forming a healthy lifestyle, there are many things you can do to make your goal seem less overwhelming and easier to obtain. It’s the small changes we make in how we practice life that matters to our growth. Here are some simple lifestyle changes that could greatly benefit your health so that you can live with more vibrance.

Replace Junk Food With Fruit

I know, you’ve heard this one before so many times. So, let this be a reminder to you that certain foods contain a lot of processed sugar, and they are not only sweet and delicious, but are also very addictive. Having just a little bit of candy can leave you wanting more. Before you know it, one turns into two and two into four–and och! The bag is gone, and what you have left is a tummy full of regret. Luckily, once you decide to, you can cut back and even eliminate this unhealthy choice by substituting it with fruit–preferably low glycemic index berries. A wonderful thing about many fruits is that they contain natural, healthy sugar, and antioxidants that restore energy and can promote weight loss. But, more importantly, they are still delicious!

Catch Some Rays

In addition to feeling really good to soak in on the beach or poolside, or however you play, the sun provides you with vitamin D that is essential for increasing your energy and improving your mood and immune system. Stepping out in the sunlight can feel as refreshing as taking a warm shower. It promotes peace and positivity, which is very helpful for people who struggle with anxiety and depression. If you are under stress at work or school, enjoy taking a nice walk on a sunny day before you start your tasks.

Wear Sunscreen

While the sun provides you with vitamin D, it can also damage your skin with UV rays. You will want to avoid the harmful effects by wearing sunscreen every day, even on days when it is not sunny. Doing so can protect your skin from sun damage and skin cancer. It can also slow down the aging process, and who doesn’t want to do that? However, be mindful of chemicals in the sunscreen; and read all labels to find the best option. If you have sensitive skin or if you are allergic to many chemicals, you can find an alternative hypoallergenic sunscreen.

Take Multi-Vitamins

Even though you can get plenty of vitamins from the sun and healthy foods, multi-vitamins add nutrition you might be lacking. For instance, perhaps you have consumed a lot of protein but not enough vitamin D. One multivitamin can replenish your vitamin D deficiency. Taking vitamins regularly over a long period of time can boost your immune system and energy level. If you’re anything like me—it’s actually getting them in my mouth every day that can be the challenge! Find a place in your kitchen or your bath room where you will see them to remind yourself to take them daily.

Drink Water

Often, it is easy to confuse being thirsty with being hungry. When this happens, you consume more calories than your body needs, and you’ll likely feel sluggish afterward. At the same time, you lose out on essential moisture; after all, dehydration greatly impacts your body. To avoid eating too much, slow down and take a few sips of water. This will give your body a chance to settle down while your mind tells you when to stop eating. In addition to drinking water with food, make sure you drink enough of it after playing sports. You need enough water to stay hydrated and energized but not so much that your body starts hurting. In fact if you drink half your body weight in ounces–you’ll get just what you need in a day. For example, if you weigh 150 pounds, you will want to drink about 75 full ounces of water per day! I like to begin my day with 32 full ounces before I have anything else like coffee or tea.

By implementing these simple lifestyle changes that could benefit your health, you will be well on your way to a healthier more vibrant life.

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