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Soul Hunger

Are you feeling beat down by technology and this fast pace of life?

Or, are you just tired and in need of replenishment—the kind your soul is yearning for?

That’s how I feel sometimes. It’s a blessing to forget my phone on the kitchen counter and be away for a few hours.

I just spent some time at my place on the Mendocino coastline and that’s one of the places where I am able to slow down and take in the beauty of the ocean, feeling the salt breeze as I enjoy the nature around me.

Everything is alive at the sea–well nourished and well fed.

Walking on the trail along the cliff at the ocean’s edge, I watched a seagull and a crab dueling it out along the shore. The crab lost and I wasn’t amused watching his flailing legs as he laid vulnerable on his back. Yet, I didn’t disrupt nature’s plan—even though the thought occurred to me to do so. It was a wild thing. I am reminded that this is as things are meant to be.

The deer graze in small herds of three or four on the cliffs with antlers poised–alert and ready to run and take flight.

The wildflowers sprinkle poppies and forget-me-nots in hillside confetti as the wild cypress grow to the cliff’s edge and rattlesnake grass moves in unison with the wind.

It’s simply breathtaking here at the ocean, and I’m eager to get to the mountains before summer’s end.

My soul is hungry to see unfettered beauty of forests and rock.

My soul is calling me to slow down and soak in the sun and hear the sounds of a lake and glide on the surface paddle in hand.

My body wants to move, hike, run, and be free for a little while.

My spirit wants to play and try out something new.

I’m craving adventure.

My mind wants rest from routine and clear out the clutter.

I know I need to unplug.

I want to feel connected and in harmony with mother earth and father sky.

Beauty arises and sets with the sun, but how often do I really take it in?

Spending some time away in the mountains or at the beach—time unplugged will do wonders for your spirit. It does wonders for mine. It can be your time to tune in and clear your mind. As your mind gets quieter, the fog of routine lifts, and you can feel and hear your heart sing. That whisper of reflection and insight opens up the portal of wisdom you long to hear as those insights light up those places searching for clarity.

Nature is where you clear your mind and find yourself–tuning in and coming home to you–mind, body, and spirit.

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