The Best Road Trip Destinations for Yoga Enthusiasts

The Best Road Trip Destinations for Yoga Enthusiasts Blog

The Best Road Trip Destinations for Yoga Enthusiasts

The Best Road Trip Destinations for Yoga Enthusiasts

Looking for the next personal growth activity for you and your friends that fits the Covid protocol? Try a yoga road trip! Here are a few of the best places for yoga enthusiasts to visit even during our social distance times or in the near future when life returns to a new normal.

As you know, Yoga is a great activity for exercising your body and calming your mind. If you are a yoga enthusiast looking to expand your practices, grab a few fellow yogis in your family or social distance pod, and gear up for an experience of a lifetime by taking a road trip together.

Road trips in and of themselves can be an exciting personal growth experience, and a yoga road trip will be full of growth and personal discovery. While airline travel is not the safest at the moment, here are a few of the best road trip destinations for yoga enthusiasts to add to your bucket list for when the dangers of COVID-19 have passed and many of these have put safe distance measures in place for you to enjoy even now.

De-Stress in the Deserts of Arizona

Arizona is known for health and wellness retreats perfect for yoga enthusiast who are also looking to broaden their wellness horizons. Ranch-style retreats are common in areas such as Sedona, where many believe energy vortexes to have holistic powers. Plan a retreat with a full itinerary of yoga, hiking, and meditation, or create your own trip to focus specifically on yoga.

West Coast Yoga in California

Californian retreats are great for any level of yoga practitioner. Like Sedona, retreats can focus solely on yoga practices or expand into meditation, clean eating, lectures, and walks. Esalen Institute in Big Sur, California, includes many workshops on the body and movement, leadership and society, meditation and spirituality, mind and psychology, nature and sustainability, and relationship and self. Visit Esalen Institute or one of the many beachfront studios for an unforgettable yoga experience.

Montana Meditations

Bozeman, Montana, is one of the most yoga-friendly towns in the U.S., with more yoga studios than gates at the airport. While you may have heard of a bar crawl before, try a yoga crawl in Bozeman to experience as many different studios as possible on your trip.

Colorado Yoga Craze

Colorado is known to be a happy and healthy state that heavily promotes yoga. Go to a yoga session at Red Rocks Amphitheater, embark on a retreat filled with yoga and hiking in the Rocky Mountains, or visit one of Boulder’s many studios in the city.

Yoga is a great health and wellness practice that is growing in popularity. If you’re a yoga junkie or interested in picking up a new healthy hobby, consider planning a future vacation to some of the best road trip destinations for yoga enthusiasts. This time period is all about reinventing your life from where you are now, but it doesn’t hurt to dream up a road trip with a partner or friend for some time in the near future.