Seeking Self Care? Here’s the Key!

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Seeking Self Care? Here’s the Key!

Self care is an essential practice to living a vibrant life.  The key is to self care is intentionality. Self care is a decision and choice to be wholly responsible for your mind, body, and spirit and choose more of what makes you feel good and happy.

It’s easy to make a case for how busy you are and how everyone else needs to be taken care of first, but this only gets you to one place—exhaustion.

Your flame may be low and you need oxygen to burn brighter.

The deeper inquiry for self care is: What do you NEED?

  • Do you need some “me time?” Time spent nourishing your spirit and cultivating your soul?
  • Do you need laughter and more joy?
  • Do you crave more movement or stretching?
  • Are you longing for a slower barefoot pace?
  • Are you longing for community?
  • Do you need more love?

Can you see joy in your everyday life? It’s right there, but you may be missing it because of the way you’ve opted to practice your self care or lack of it.

Here’s what you can practice: Think of one thing each day that you need to feel happier, and do that one thing. It can be the simplest thing like getting out of bed and thinking of three things you are grateful for.

I recently made some small changes in my self care. I’ve always relished my first sips of coffee, but lately I’m drinking hot water with lemon first thing instead. It’s a calmer way to start my day and allows my tummy to wake up slowly—and with more alkaline instead of acid.

I’ve altered my bedtime self care routine to include spraying magnesium oil on my feet and rubbing essential lavender oil on my pillow to lull me into a deep sleep.

I started using a water pick for my teeth—I have to say it’s my new addiction! (Isn’t that exciting?!)

Small changes in how you practice your life will yield big self care rewards, and what you practice grows stronger.

Stop and breathe for a moment to take in the beauty out your front or back door as you begin and end each day. Take in the morning dawn and the setting sun with complete awe and gratitude.

Fill your mind and spirit with the present moment, slow down the pace of life and dare to be happier.

You can choose to be responsible for all that you need—it is indeed an act of maturity to embrace self care.

You can give yourself permission to take exceptional steps towards self care of you today and choose to live your most vibrant life.

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