The Ordinary is Extraordinary

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The Ordinary is Extraordinary

I recently spoke with a medium, (a psychic to the spirit world) and Richard came through. He was right there—accessible—by my side. I often feel him in subtle moments… crossing the street, or walking the foot path at our coastal home in Sea Ranch, California, or sitting with me in bed as I write.

She said, “He wants you to know that he misses ordinary life.” It wasn’t the notoriety, conferences, or book signings that mattered to him; it was the ordinary life that he cherished. Kissing his girls on the forehead, watching soccer matches, going grocery shopping, and playing ball with the dog… setting the breakfast table with orange juice, peanut butter toast, and cheesy eggs. Sunrises and morning coffee, snuggles, sunsets after a long day, tapping away inspiration on his computer.

One of my favorite Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff chapters is “See the Extraordinary in the Ordinary.”

It is the small things you will remember most.

Much of our lives are devoted to building something and creating big success, living the good life and the big dream—but in the end, it is our relationship to those moments of ordinary life that will be treasured most. And, keeping the end in mind, this helps us to live more mindfully and present to every day life.

You will never say at the end of your life that you wish you’d spent more time worrying about things you couldn’t change—or things that don’t matter much.

When I awakened from the illusion of a safe harbor of security and comfort that had me in a stagnant slumber, despite the deep pain I was in during loss, I also saw such vibrant beauty. The breeze hit my face and I felt it. I felt every lyric of an ambient song. I felt great sorrow and I also felt something akin to bliss. I was feeling LIFE like I had never felt it before.

The lotus flower emerges from the mucky swamp and rises to float atop its surface with such surrender and grace. In this way, we all rise from our difficult days, as long as we are in tune to the fertile ground of growth that change can bring.

Transformation is messy and chaotic–but beauty comes in the stillness after a storm.

There’s something so rich about noticing the gifts of nature, and the bounty of good food, and the fact that we have the ability to flush toilets. That’s right. Running water in our homes becomes invisible to us. It is quite ordinary in the western world but extraordinary to a third world village without pipelines.

Showing up when people call you and need you is a small thing that’s big. Being present for those friends in need of emotional support is greatly appreciated and not forgotten.

Even though I am at a very busy time in my life, I take the time out to spend with my growing grandkids. One week of every month I try to visit and spend time with them. I know how fast that time flies—and there is preciousness and joy in watching them grow. It’s their small hands in mine, their innocent love as we read or color on the floor. It’s these ordinary things that light up my heart and soul with so much joy.

Yes, it’s the ordinary that truly is extraordinary and precious. It’s noticing the small things with gratitude that continually awakens me to my most vibrant life yet.

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