Transcendental Meditation: Let Go from the INSIDE

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Transcendental Meditation: Let Go from the INSIDE

I’ve been asking spirit to guide me to “what’s next?” in my meditation practice. My inner wisdom has told me that I need to deepen my practice, and as spirit often speaks through others, I found a local Transcendental Meditation teacher through a dear friend who had just completed a class. In all the years I have meditated with yogis, at Sidhha Yoga Centers, with gurus at ashrams and the like, I’m not sure how I missed the instructions of this very powerful and simple technique of T.M., but it is the answer to my prayers.

His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi brought Transcendental Meditation to the U.S. fifty years ago. John Lennon and the Beatles’ began practicing and made it popular in America. Over the years, many famous people including Jerry Seinfeld and Deepak Chopra practice Transcendental Meditation. The practice consists of a discipline of two-times per day for 15 to 20 minutes. There’s plenty of scientific proof of what T.M. does for your health with over 600 scientific studies documenting the research and health benefits. Some of them include: Deep rest equivalent to several hours of deep sleep, increased integration of brain functioning, holistic improvement of intellectual performance, reduction of Atheriosclerosis, Decreased blood pressure to name a few.

Like a ball of yarn slowly unraveling and letting go from the inside, I hadn’t realized that I had feelings deep in my gut of anxiety. Of course, when I analyze it in my mind, I haven’t felt safe since Richard died—now, almost eight years ago. Until my Transcendental Meditation practice, I was sleeping and walking around with a slow hum of twisted trauma all balled up in a knot of fear right in my power center—waking me up in the middle of the night and affecting my daytime thinking—leaving me with a feeling of vulnerability. Now, it is undoing itself, slowly but surely, letting go of fear, anxiety and feelings of not being safe, and replacing them with a deeper resolve of rested calm…that’s how I describe the benefits of my first month of Transcendental Meditation.

Practicing Transcendental Meditation has always brought me into deeper Self-awareness and increased my ability to be more present undoing my ego to allow the real and true me to shine through with authenticity. But, I get off track like everyone some times, and God knows when that happens, there is plenty of life drama, chaos and mayhem.

As I slow my life down from the inside, even more these days, there is a deeper wisdom coming too. I am less ambitious from my ego, and more in tune to a deeper form of stillness, passion and purpose. I am more in tune to my bliss. My only goal these days is to follow my bliss, and I hope I inspire you with these words to follow yours too!