Waking Up Grateful

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Waking Up Grateful

I often feel a fire in my belly start to churn in the wee hours of the morning; my body and my spirit are ready to awaken and seize the day. But I do my best to go back to sleep until I hear the roosters crow. When they start their wake-up call is when I start my practice of being grateful.

Before I even get out of bed, I run down a list of what I feel the happiest about. I remember the gifts I have and hold.

It’s wonderful to have a holiday like Thanksgiving to gather with family and friends to celebrate a feast of abundance, but it’s even better to wake up grateful every day.

What if our everyday could be our own personal thanksgiving?

What if the practice of gratitude infused each and every moment, not just Turkey Day?

I encourage you, friends, to make the spirit of Thanksgiving a foundational part of your daily practice.

The benefits of gratitude are deep and wide. Remembering–with intention–the gifts within us and around us is proven to bring joy, peace, and passion.

No matter the circumstances, no matter who are you… there is much to be grateful for.

After all, waking up each day means you get another day to play!

After all, you are here to love and be loved!

After all, you can choose peace and love over stress and anger!

After all, you get another one of these–another day to make memories, to remember compassion, to engage with the beauty of the world around you.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

I’m so honored to be your mentor, your guide, and your friend.

I am grateful for YOU.

As you wake up feeling grateful, you honor the life you have. In doing so, your heart will be wide open to experience more joy as you live your most vibrant life.

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