What Now? Living Passionately Powered by Purpose

What Now? Reinventing life with purpose

What Now? Living Passionately Powered by Purpose

rediscover your passion

Are you still unable to truly answer that question you’ve been asking yourself since Kindergarten, “What do I want to be when I grow up?”

Well, you’re not alone if you feel unfulfilled in your day-to-day life because only one percent of the population has dared to ask, “What is my life purpose?”

There’s truly a short answer to this question that most of us don’t think is enough and that’s simply “I want to be ME.”

We spend much of our time earning a living, and most of us fall into our careers that seemed like a good idea for any vast number of reasons. Either our twenty-something brains thought it was the right move, or our parents suggested us to go down that path and “poof!” twenty, thirty years later, you get up every day without a feeling of fulfillment and enthusiasm for what you spend most of your time doing because it isn’t necessarily an expression of your essence.

If that feels like you, or even if it feels just a wee bit like you, read on…

I know that ten years ago, my nest was emptying and I wasn’t fired up about life. I didn’t even realize it until my good friend, Rich Dutra-St. John, co-founder of Challenge Day and one of my best buddies, asked me, “Kris, what are you passionate about?” I looked at him and replied, “Passion, why do I need that?” (Oh boy…was I a bit off track living my roles as wife and mother and forgetting all the other stuff that juiced me up! After all, we didn’t need me to work, yet work always fulfilled me.) There wasn’t anything missing in my life except that I wasn’t in full expression of ME. It’s not even that being a wife and mother wasn’t purpose enough; I had put myself in a limited box that only fit half of who I am allowing ego to shadow all the other aspects that fed my spirit the same as fire needs air. I hadn’t fully embraced or embodied my true purpose—or my passion.

Now, I know that living on purpose means to me that at my essence, “I am an instrument of divine light and love to inspire, ignite and teach people through my creative expression how to be resilient and live happier lives.” That statement is a canopy for all of the things I do where that can be true. I am a Mother, Nana, Author, inspirational speaker, mentor, friend to many, etc… Your purpose is likely something different than that but also is a big statement of truth that resonates in your heart and soul when you say it out loud. It is at the roots of who you are, and like a tree, all the projects and ways you express that purpose become the branches growing from the trunk and your actions become the fruit of your labor.

Each of us has a unique blue print genetically— and we know that. Out of the billions of people in the world, like snowflakes, no two of us are alike. Our emotional and spiritual blueprint is equally unique, but unless we are in the lucky (or smart) few, many of us could be considered late bloomers in the purpose driven life category. Often, instead of purpose, we are driven by survival—or perceived survival driven by an increasingly difficult standard of living to support. Or, we just end up living in our roles and never really honoring who we are at our essence and truest self leaving a longing and yearning for something more.

Be honest with yourself: Are you still deeply concerned about where you will get your next meal? If so, I completely understand why this blog may seem luxuriously inane to you. If not, please consider that it is your time to uncover, rediscover and become fervent about your soul retrieval and begin to live a life powered by passion and purpose.

There is nothing quite as inebriating (in a good way) as remembering why you came to this earth and living the dream.

In the third week of our “What Now?” program, we are spending some time asking the question: What is my passion? The answer inspires a deep understanding of the next question: What is my purpose?

Our life purpose is not a bio or a list of achievements. It’s very possible to be a success in life but feel unsatisfied if you are not living on purpose and you become over identified with that thing you do or that thing (career) isn’t in alignment with who you are as a creative expression of your true nature.

Take Jenette for instance. I worked with her individually as she left her IT job as a financial analyst for the military on a well-earned, self-created sabbatical. She had been successful but said after thirty years, she felt like she was dying and here’s why… This is her purpose statement: “My purpose is to shine the light on the truth of what and who we really are unveiling joy, love, freedom, peace and power in myself and others.” Sounds more like a spiritual teacher or life coach than a financial analyst for the military, right?! While her career wasn’t necessarily fulfilling her purpose, certainly many of her other activities and accomplishments have, and she could see and feel the difference after her insight.

Let’s face it like she did. We spend a lot of time earning a living and wouldn’t it be nice if we could “do what we love and the money would follow?” We are in the process of unveiling her next step in fulfilling her newly refined and defined purpose. In those moments when she starts to get overwhelmed, I’ve reminded her that it’s a bit like climbing a mountain. You don’t stand at the bottom and look straight up to the top because it seems impossible to you that you will ever reach the summit in that steep climb. The mountain taken in switchbacks, one step at a time, is very manageable.

Here are a few hints in how you may realize your life’s calling:

  1. How do you wish to be remembered?
  2. How would you spend your last year of life if you knew that’s all you had? These are valuable questions to take some time journaling on.
  3. Ask your friends (3 to 5) to share with you three qualities they witness and admire in you.

Something magical happens when you are living on purpose, powered by passion. Doors open and you begin to feel divinely led and ignited. You reach the vistas, invigorated and ready for more!

Mark Twain said, “The two most important days of your life are the day you were born and the day you remember why.”

Life is a process, not a destination. Your ripple effect will impact the people around you, as you remember why you came to this earth expressing who you are authentically—powered by passion and purpose.

I hope this blog has inspired you. Would love to read your comments and questions below.