When the Critics Come Out

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When the Critics Come Out

After an election as volatile as this past one, we may find ourselves standing on opposite sides of a line drawn in the sand.

Recently, I wrote a blog post that shared my personal experience of attending the Women’s March. Although I had many supporters, the critics also came out, which didn’t surprise me in tackling a subject as sensitive as this one. I was called a hypocrite. I was told that I must just be upset that Hilary didn’t win. I was chastised for taking a stand with millions of other people across the nation in a peaceful march for our civil rights.

Although this is to be expected, I’d like to say this to my critics.

If you are here to receive my wisdom and thoughts—perhaps you can be more considerate when I land in terrain that is muddy at best.

This blog is a bit like my personal diary, and I share my thoughts openly and considerately with you. I hope that it opens your mind, your heart and ignites a path to your own wisdom, passion and joy to live a better life. It’s because of this that I won’t wash over my feelings or ignore what I see as important truths amidst current events and times of unrest. I apologize if I don’t validate you one hundred percent, but because you are here to gain new perspectives, I would be doing you a disservice to gloss over my personal thoughts about what’s going on in our country right now.

I do my best to be respectful—even to political leaders I don’t agree with but who are now serving our country. Even when it makes me uncomfortable, I try to see and understand how their perspectives differ from mine. Understanding these differences in our realities helps me access compassion for all sides.

What makes America great—is our freedom.

What makes America great—is our love of our nation and our people.

I don’t love you any less if you don’t agree with me.

I merely ask you to be kind when you disagree—I don’t ask anything of you that I don’t ask of myself.

As I stand as a transformational leader, I will share my thoughts here with you, and it’s ok for you to decide if what I have to say has value—or not. Please remember, however, that I am not obligated to approve all of your comments—especially those written without kindness and respect.

There is love on this journey, and I hope you find it in your heart to always make love and kindness the priority as I do.

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