Who Are You Now? Change & Evolve!

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Who Are You Now? Change & Evolve!

Who are you now? When we dare to ask this profound question, we acknowledge that we are always growing and changing. We are evolving. We are honoring our soul’s call to live into our purpose—to discover and awaken to what’s true for us.

Ask this question, today, not tomorrow. Now.

Can you embrace all that you are—the good, the bad, the beautiful, and even the ugly?

I’ve never known someone in their forties that hasn’t been through something that didn’t knock them down for a time. But those traumas, knocks, and difficult times—they are what bring us to our knees in sweet surrender. Life falls apart, our dreams shatter, and we are annihilated. Our identity meets rubber with the road as we face a true mid-life crisis.

We Heal With Courage

At first, it’s survival—it’s one breath at a time. And, my dear friend, when you surrender—that’s when you call on your greatest strength—that’s when you meet grit with grace. You can trust that I know. I’ve been there.

My husband’s death knocked me off my feet, and it was a long free fall for quite a time. As I fell, I learned to fly. I remember realizing that my charmed life with him had ended and now I was about to discover who I am without my man. I was terrified to breathe, but I did. My feet felt like I was in quicksand but I stepped in anyway. I entered into his world in business, and into our lives as a widow and single mom taking care of everything. My life was in pieces, but I’ve picked up those pieces over the years and put them back together into another beautiful mosaic. A new life emerged as I stepped in and dared to dream of a new adventure, and you will too.

Who am I now? I am a strong woman who knows how to find peace and calm amidst trying circumstances. I am wise and deeply compassionate because I’ve been broken open to that wisdom and compassion. I am a woman who has found my voice and my purpose. I am the woman my husband dreamed I would be. And, my loss brought me fully into my most authentic expression.

Change is Growth and It is Here Now

You are evolving and changing, too, like a stone that tumbles and becomes polished and shiny in time. All the rough edges smoothed over with placid calm and knowing as you shine brightly.

Who are you now—after what you’ve been through? You are changed. You are different now. You can find your strength in your inner world of knowing. This unraveling of your life will show you who you are. It will reveal who you are. Rediscover, and uncover all that’s inside and realize all that you are—it’s your time now.

Maybe, like me, you’ve lived a life raising children and being the good wife. All of this is good—but, oh, my sister and brother, there’s so much more.

Turn Inward for What Your Soul is Seeking

Many of us are seekers. Seeking all things good in life. The most important aspect of seeking, however, is the turn you take inward. As long as your soul is leading the search, you will be honoring what’s true for you. As we look for the answers to fulfillment, we need to be asking the right questions.

Again, my friend, I ask you, “Who are you now?”

In these moments reading this blog—you have changed.

If you want to join me in the deep dive—to uncovering your next best chapter and honoring your soul’s call on your life—you can begin the soul inquiry journey with me HERE.

It’s your time now. You can birth a new dream and make this chapter your best yet in the adventure of your soul.

Treasure yourself,