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A Return to Joy

The trick to returning to joy is noticing when you’re not feeling it.

The other day I caught myself in the act.

I was doing some house chores and my mind was spinning. I found myself spiraling down the rabbit hole where returning to joy seemed like a ship sailing yonder without a captain. (You know, that place you really don’t want to go.) I was consumed by negative thoughts creating feelings of worry and concern. I recognized the subtle anxiety growing as a knot in my tummy from the turmoil of rumination.

As I witnessed myself doing the negative thinking, the mere noticing created the interruption I needed to pop me right out of that rabbit hole where I could see clearly and navigate my emotions.

The body always knows and screams at us to acknowledge our thoughts—especially the negative nelly ones.

When I became conscious and recognized the tension I was feeling, I stopped.

Closing my eyes, I took three deep breaths – taking my golden pause. On the inhale, I visualized all that I was grateful for. On the exhale, I released the knot of energy that had been building up inside.

Opening my eyes, I arrived back in the present moment; feeling better. Much better.

As I repeated silently to myself, “I’m here now,” my mindless negative thoughts dissipated like fog that lifts with the sun. The room appeared brighter and I returned to peace. Peace is a feeling that I’ve realized is preemptive to experiencing joy.

Understanding Anxiety and Fear

What I’ve realized through many years of personal development (that’s a term for getting to know yourself in a truly honest capacity in the journey of self-awareness)…

…is that worry and anxiety is not me. These fearful emotions are present ONLY when I’m not present!

They are manufactured by my ego mind—that part of my psychology that wants to keep me safe from emotional vulnerability.

This is such a paradox, isn’t it?

When fear is present, love is absent. When love is absent, ego is running our thoughts and navigating our emotions. Ego is leading us astray. We are not navigating our own ship.

Without intentional awareness, we get caught up in a negative spiral and find ourselves going down the rabbit hole again and again.

This simple process of taking my golden pause; bringing my attention back to my breath and body in the present moment, is a practice that brings peace and joy. This is how I maintain true resiliency in less than desirable circumstances. This is how I put worry to rest and climb out of the rabbit hole in an instant, and as you practice this simple meditation, you will too!

Three Simple Steps to Return to Joy

  1. Interrupt your negative thoughts by noticing—whoosh they’re gone!
  2. Breathe deeply.
  3. Attune to gratitude.

As you pause in peace and align with the present moment, you are like a snake shedding a skin that no longer fits, and you return to joy.

When you are in joy, your life has meaning. You feel empowered to share and serve others. You attract all that you need. You are vibrant as you radiate light.

Ghandi said, “Your life is your message.” Show up and attune to your true nature in joy and live in the present moment. As you walk through life with an open heart, without fear and worry, you’ll find that joy is always present. What might be missing sometimes is you.

Joy as a feeling grows from the fertile ground of peace in the present moment experience. And, this my friend, is a key principle of living your next chapter joyfully ever after.

Treasure the gifts of life and love,
XO Kristine

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