December Presents A Time to Reflect

December Presents A Time For Reflection Blog
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December Presents A Time to Reflect

December presents us with a time to reflect, a month to look back to move forward.

None of us could have predicted what 2020-2021 has brought to us with the pandemic.

Our new normal is choosing how we decide to proceed to protect and guard our precious health.

A pandemic certainly wasn’t on my vision board for 2020 or 2021!

But I am forever grateful to prescribe to the philosophy that life’s events do indeed happen for us—not to us.

Time and time again, I realize that this one belief allows me to choose not to live at the effect of life’s circumstances. Deciding not to be a victim has helped me shift and pivot towards the light in the darkest of days.

Reflect and Choose to be the Hero

I choose to be the hero at every fork in the road and you can, too. It is the cornerstone of my resilience and my ability to grow spiritually attuned and in sync with my soul.

At the 15th anniversary of my beloved husband’s death on December 13, I find myself in deep introspection. This always makes the month of December my most reflective time, where I enter the cave of reflection to find the light of the coming year. I am always walking the path From Heartbreak to Wholeness.

I have discovered that there is always light present even in the darkest cave and the darkest of days. The abyss of the unknown is where creativity burrows and is full of possibility.

My heart goes out to those who have lost a loved one this past year.

If you have lost a loved one and are doing your best to go through a time of mourning, perhaps I can help you. You can learn more about my videos meant to inspire you as you go through the corridor of loss by going here.

For the rest of us who may not be experiencing such heartache and grief, there can be positive growth that has come from this past two years as priorities shift and we pivot towards the new year where there is always hope.

It’s the Small Things

Perhaps the greatest lesson of all is remembering that small joys are always present.

  • The joy of cooking and eating a meal.
  • Belly laughs and giggles.
  • Sunshine, a beautiful view, and the great outdoors.

Small joys are big, and the ordinary can become quite extraordinary when we can step out of overwhelm and fear to notice.

Your Reflective Mind

As we access our reflective mind this time of year, and we go into the cave for a time, we will see how life happens for us.

We are all faced with decisions and a flood of emotions daily—especially during times of change and transition. December brings with it the transition into a new year.

It’s natural for us to jump into intense thinking, problem-solving, and a search for answers, but how often do we stop to quiet our minds and just reflect this time of year?

It’s a choice to dive deep for the pearl.

So much wisdom comes to the surface when we turn the volume of our busy fearful minds down and let quiet reflection take over.

Ask yourself to reflect on the good of what’s happened for you this past year?

What changes have you made, and what changes are you clear about wishing to make this coming year?

Reflection is one of the most underused yet powerful tools we have access to immediately. It helps us pinpoint solutions. Listen to my podcast episode, The Reflective Mind to access your most inner wisdom and guidance.

What if we approach decisions with a pause, a quiet drive, or a long walk to reflect?

When we access the deeper intelligence and compassion within us, we will discover clarity and peace.

A reflective mind is allowing the answers to unfold right before our eyes.

Success is born out of our quiet and vibrant minds. Our best selves flourish when we get out of our own way and access our deepest, truest being.

There’s no time like the present to reflect on how we’ve grown from our past. This is the way to move forward with intention and clarity in the new year.

Treasure the gifts of life and love,
XO Kristine