How To Become More Organized in the New Year

How To Become More Organized In The New Year Blog

How To Become More Organized in the New Year

It’s true that January 1 can be the kickstart you need to come back strong after the holidays, but many of us have a difficult time sticking with New Year’s resolutions more than a week. That’s ok. Be kind to yourself, and consider something more doable might be the options you have to become more organized in the new year. It’s sure to help in your kickstart in more areas than you think.

Ditch the Resolutions for Stronger Intentions

Every year, we set resolutions that seem obtainable, but we may genuinely have deep-rooted interest in accomplishing these goals, our habits don’t align with what we value. Small changes in how you go about your daily life will help you if you become very intentional in practicing life in new ways. Consider ditching the resolutions and, instead, making a list of substantial general desires that will help you make progress in different areas of your life without requiring too much energy. Set your intentions to take small actions, and you will be on your way to accomplishing your goals.

One thing that always helps me is to get rid of the clutter around me so that I am clear thinking. Often, we fail to realize how much our physical surroundings affect our mental health.

Declutter Your Mind and Your Space

A good first step to easing your thoughts and creating a better mind space is to declutter the areas you inhabit. You know, those closets that are over stuffed or that office that needs a day of sorting. We often feel bogged down with the pile-up of unnecessary objects and lack of organization in our homes. We wake up every morning with bright ideas and intentions for what we need to do. But after a full day of work, we often find ourselves putting those chores off another day. Now is the time to hold yourself accountable and get it done.

A little bit goes a long way. Take some time each night or whenever you have free time to part with the objects that no longer serve you. Get those documents and old bills shredded, and fold clothes and linens tidying up closets. You can install floating shelving to display your most important items, and say goodbye to overstuffed drawers and closets that keeps you from opening up your space and mind. You’ll be surprised how good it feels to clear out closets; your mindset clears space too.

One Step at a Time

Go room by room, even if it takes you all week to complete one. As you make headway through your house, you’ll start to see your mood shifting. Suddenly, there’s a feeling of ease that comes when you clear the clutter and things get organized.

You may want to do a cleanse at the same time. Listen to my podcast on Cleansing for the new year. Give yourself a break. Life is complicated; we tend to leave our wants and needs on the back burner as we spend our lives taking care of our families and those we love. There’s no crime in dedicating a little time to become more organized in the new year at your own pace. Being intentional is great and taking some action is even better! Getting organized on the outside will clear your clutter on the inside as you live your most vibrant life.