Quarantine Boredom? Try Mastering Mindfulness Now

Groundhog Days: Feeling Boredom in Quarantine? Try Mastering Mindfulness Blog
Living The Big Stuff

Quarantine Boredom? Try Mastering Mindfulness Now

Feeling Boredom in Quarantine?
Make the Most of this Time by Mastering Mindfulness Now

Boy, oh boy, we are sure living the big stuff! Day to day life has sure changed in quarantine. And, it can become laced with the doldrums of the same ‘ol boring routine. It’s a great time to master something new. And, mastering mindfulness will really help these ground hog days.

Besides being bored, there’s another way to look at this time period. We are in a global reset – an unprecedented time in history. This is our moment. This is our pause. This is our global golden pause. It is our time in history books… when we will say, the world changed from pandemic COVID-19 and we changed with it.

Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff-Live the Big Stuff!

And, I’m guessing we are all struggling a bit right now…sweating the small stuff! At times like these, it’s easier to say, “don’t sweat the small stuff” than to live it.

Isolation is tough. It’s calling on us to be other than how we are wired. It’s weird not seeing friends and traveling and going out when we want to. In fact, the grocery store can even be a bit stressful now. It truly is a strange new experience in lockdown.

Try Adding Mindfulness to Lockdown

It’s also true that “variety is the spice of life,” yet we are asked to live differently these days. Every day, I wake up and think “Wow, it’s a new day that doesn’t really feel all that new.”

For the time being (and it doesn’t look like these “shelter in place” and “social distance” days are ending any time soon) we are all living slower and in pause of the busyness of our past everyday lives. And yes, it can feel like groundhog days! This could be your time to practice and master the art of mindfulness.

So, we have to spice it up in our own way and do our best to bring our ideal selves to each slower paced day as we recall in our DNA a simpler way of life.

We can choose to live this simpler way of life with more mindfulness.

What an amazing opportunity to become mindful and “slow down to the speed of life,” (That’s a Richard Carlson-Joe Bailey book!) and become more conscious and practice true mindfulness.

Mastering Mindfulness Will End Boredom

Something that’s really helpful right now is to dive into mastering something new – you may want to consider practicing mindfulness to end your groundhog days. As you practice, more and more, it will end your feelings of boredom! You’ll learn below that your attitude is everything to your experience. And, if you intend to be more engaged–well, the nature of being engaged ends boredom completely.

Mindfulness Tips To Stay Positive

Renowned mindfulness teacher, Dr. Shauna Shapiro, and author of the best selling book, Good Morning, I love you talks about her mindfulness model being:

Intention + attention + attitude = mindfulness

“What you practice grows stronger,” says Shauna.

Summarizing the model here:

  • set your intention of what you wish to grow in your life
  • place your attention in the present moment
  • know that your attitude matters to your experience.

We are slowed. Families are stuck together like glue. Some of us are isolated and on our own. We are truly and globally alone-all- one-together.

This is a test of your resiliency, your commitment and your true grit.

Where you place your attention and how you focus that attention with your attitude really matters to your experience and how positive it will be. As you place your attention in the present moment, fear falls away and you engage a little more deeply in life as it is.

How Will You Bring Your Best to Each Day?
One Simple Question To AsK Yourself Every Day In Quarantine

How will you meet each day? You can pivot into the day bringing the attitude of opportunity to your day. Can you see the gifts of this time? There is growth and change that’s positive.

I have definitely experienced my ups and downs; riding the roller coaster of change, but I always ask myself the question: What do I need to surrender in order to receive grace?

Can you ask yourself this question? You can use your response as your guidepost to where you are in this stage of your practice and make it your intention to grow. Ask yourself, “What do I wish to grow right now?”

Living presently is the key to staying the course and calling on grace; noticing that all is well as long as you have your health, shelter, and food and you stay connected to your friends and family via the internet, phone and email. And, if you’re sequestered with your family, you are creating bonds that will pay great dividends to future generations as you truly gain the understanding of what it means to be a family.

Mastering Mindfulness Now

I have just created a new Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff Happiness Training Course with mindfulness expert and bestselling author Dr. Shauna Shapiro, You Can Be Mindful! Practicing Mindfulness for Clarity and Calm.

There’s no time like the present to feel clarity and calm – and developing your mindfulness practice will help you do just that; regardless of what’s happening in the world around you.

I hope you join us inside the course now (it’s only $29.99), and when you purchase the course, you’ll receive access to FREE monthly live group video coaching calls with me thru the first of July. These calls have been offering people a lot of much-needed support as we navigate these times.

So I hope you’ll take this opportunity to wake up to each day as if it could be your last, surrender to what is—and grace will be yours as you will be living your most vibrant life—while you surrender the small stuff and live the big stuff.

Treasure the gifts of life and love,